Statement on the Submission of Complaints

At the Journal of Sports Research and Innovation (JSRI), we strive to maintain high standards of editorial integrity and professionalism. We understand that authors may occasionally have concerns or complaints regarding our processes. Therefore, we have established a formal procedure for authors to submit complaints.

Authors who wish to complain are encouraged to follow the process outlined below:

  1. Nature of Complaint: Complaints should pertain to issues such as ethical concerns, alleged misconduct, or procedural irregularities related to the manuscript submission and review process. Complaints unrelated to these matters may not be considered.
  2. Submission of Complaint: Authors should submit their complaint in writing via email to the editorial office. The complaint should clearly articulate the nature of the concern, provide any relevant documentation or evidence, and include specific details regarding the manuscript in question.
  3. Review by Editorial Office: Upon receipt of the complaint, the editorial office will review the submission to determine its validity and seriousness. If the complaint is deemed substantial, it will be escalated to the Editor-in-Chief for further action.
  4. Investigation Process: The Editor-in-Chief will initiate an investigation into the complaint, which may involve consulting with relevant parties, such as editorial board members, reviewers, or institutional authorities. The investigation will be conducted promptly and impartially.
  5. Communication of Findings: Once the investigation is concluded, the Editor-in-Chief will communicate the findings to the author who submitted the complaint. Depending on the nature of the complaint and its outcome, appropriate actions may be taken, which could include revisiting editorial decisions, issuing corrections or retractions, or implementing changes to editorial policies or procedures.
  6. Confidentiality: All information related to the complaint, including the identities of the parties involved, will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigation process, and only individuals directly involved in addressing the complaint will have access to relevant information.
  7. Fairness and Impartiality: JSRI is committed to addressing complaints in a fair, transparent, and impartial manner. Every effort will be made to ensure that complaints are investigated thoroughly and resolved appropriately.

We encourage authors to engage constructively in the complaint resolution process and provide clear and specific details to facilitate a prompt and effective investigation.

For inquiries or to submit a complaint, please contact the editorial office at [email address].

Note: The JSRI reserves the right to update or modify this process as necessary to enhance its effectiveness and fairness.