The effect of kinesiotaping on lumbar pain during pregnancy – a narrative review

Wojciech Kupczak1,‡, Kinga Bujak1,‡, Małgorzata Bodziany2, Jakub Korzeniowski2, Agata Szlachetka3, Anna Piotrowska4,*

J. Sport. Res. and Innov., vol. 1, June 2024

1 Medical student, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow Academy,
Krakow, Poland
2 Student’s Science Club, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Physical Education in
Krakow, Poland
3 Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Applied Sciences in Tarnow, Tarnow, Poland
4 Institute for Basics Sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, University of Physical Education in Krakow, Krakow,

These authors contributed equally to this work.


Background: The lower back pain (LBP) during and after pregnancy is a very common issue that most pregnant women experience and interestingly, many of them do not mention it because they consider it an inherent element of pregnancy. A number of changes that occur during pregnancy are reflected in a woman’s wellbeing. Low-back pain interferes with normal daytime functioning and pain relief with analgesics is not always possible due to contraindications to their use during pregnancy. Exercise and kinesiotaping (KT) are alternative methods of taking care of pain. The aim of this paper was to review the existing scientific publications and demonstrate the current scientific position on the effectiveness of kinescoping in pregnancy for the prevention and relief of lumbar pain. Materials and methods: The study includes a literature analysis conducted up to February 2024. Analysis of the databases made it possible to select 166 records, from which, after excluding duplicates and works without full access and not meeting other inclusion criteria, 13 papers were selected. Results and conclusions: Kinesiotaping can be used both in isolation and together with exercises, which multiplies its analgesic effect. Additional benefits of KT therapy include low cost, the possibility of long-term tape application with a high safety profile, and multidirectional effects that are not only relieving and analgesic but also corrective, anti-edematous, movement-activating, muscle-strengthening and many others.

Keywords: kinesiotaping, pregnancy, low-back pain, lumbar pain


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